Sentinel Bootleg Cassette (1st ed)

from d.notive

Just five of these "first edition" bootlegs of Sentinel were ever created. They weren't offered for sale at conventions owing to the fact that their quality is quite low. They were all marked with gold sharpie to indicate their status as part of the "first run."

If you're the kind of person that enjoys the warmth of analog cassette noise, this is the version of Sentinel you'll want to hear!

Sold Out


d.notive Minneapolis, Minnesota

A fresh face in the grassroots world of synthwave, Minneapolis-based producer d.notive is no stranger to innovative, fresh sounds. Lured by the lush, dynamic soundscapes of the 1980's, he presents a fully-formed aesthetic, borrowing heavily from the cinematic imagery of neo-noir, cast against a rich, illustrious background of classic synthesizers. ... more

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